NEU HAAR Triology of Hair Vitalizing

Discover the steps of ultimate performance

Vital Wash

Products to use: NEU HAAR Shampoo + NEU HAAR Vital Brush
1.1 Before wetting hair, detangle hair from back neck to forehead direction with VitalBrush
1.2 Wet the hair till root and scalp with mildly warm water
1.3 Apply appropriate amount of shampoo (around 6-8mL) onto your palm and rub gently until foam appears. Distribute the foam on scalp from forehead to back neck direction evenly.
1.4 Divide the scalp into 3 sections, namely Left Top, "B" Right Top and "C" Nape.
1.5 For each divided section, brush and massage scalp from front, back, left and right towards its center for 8 times respectively. (Approximately 2 minutes)
1.6 Rinse hair with mildly warm water and use VitalBrush to clean thoroughly.

Vital Care


Products to use: NEU HAAR Conditioner + NEU HAAR Vital Brush
2.1 After the Vital Wash step, detangle hair with VitalBrush while minimizing excess amount of water.
2.2 Apply appropriate amount of conditioner (around 6-8mL) onto your palm and spread over hair.
2.3 From forehead to back neck direction, spread the conditioner evenly over every single hair with VitalBrush. (Approximately 2 minutes)
2.4 Rinse hair thoroughly with VitalBrush with mildly warm water.

Vital Enhance


Products to use: NEU HAAR Tonic + NEU HAAR Vital Brush
3.1 After the Vital Wash step and the Vital Care step, dry hair gently with towel and detangle hair with VitalBrush thereafter.
3.2 Drop appropriate amount of tonic onto the bald area directly.
3.3 Massage scalp from forehead to hair whorl with VitalBrush, repeat for 30 times approximately.
3.4 For the best result, let hair dry naturally. If necessary, blow dry hair with mildly warm water to cool setting.