About Us



NEU HAAR is a German term for "new hair" in English. It implies our brand's vision that users can enjoy an unprecedented experience to regain healthy scalp and beautiful hair.

Founded in Germany, NEU HAAR was born out of the quest by Dr. Deutz and his professional team to deliver revolutionary hair care products that are innovative and are scientifically proven effective for various hair problems. NEU HAAR's philosophy stems from the discovery of powerful physiological connection between hair and scalp. Dr Deutz and his team make use of this concept to create highly effective products with breakthrough ingredients and technologies that are perfectly calibrated to the care of scalp and specific hair problem.

NEU HAAR upholds the mission of delivering every product with excellent ingredients in light of bringing the most promising effect to healthy scalp and beautiful hair. Each product is carefully produced in Germany with quality ingredients which makes sure NEU HAAR brings every product to consumer with its best condition. Welcome to the world of NEU HAAR!